Sunday 08 August 2010

– It might have seemed obvious, but it’s only on Day 3 of my observation of the Avenida da Liberdade that I get the idea to use the concept of Liberdade (liberty/freedom) literally for the script task. There appears to be free human flow up and down and within the Avenida, but upon second glance, the free flow is perhaps illusory; there are always restrictions. I can use this. I have the idea to take some of the vignettes observed on the Avenida and explore and extrapolate them into various fictional threads that will meet at a common point – possibly a café I observed on Day 1. All of the threads will have a common theme: loss of liberty.


Tuesday 17 August 2010

(From Day 4 observation)

I begin to make note of how couples hold onto each other (or don’t …) as they walk along. How much is this contact (or lack of it) a reflection of the relationship, and/or a reflection of each personality. And why do we hold hands, or put our arms around each other, anyway?:
– A couple go by, both with their arms folded.
– Palms together, the man’s hand in front.
– Palms together, the woman’s hand in front.
– A woman walking slightly behind a man, her right arm hanging loosely on his right shoulder.
– A man walking slightly behind a woman, his right arm hanging loosely on her right shoulder.
– Fingers loosely linked.
– Fingers tightly entwined.
– Thumbs linked.
– A woman’s right hand curled around the man’s left forearm.
– Another woman with her right hand curled around the man’s left forearm; he has his right hand in his pocket.
– A man has his left hand in his pocket, and the woman has her right hand resting on his wrist.
– A woman with her hands in her pockets, with her head down. The man is walking apart and looking distant.
– A man has his arm around the woman’s waist, she has her arm around his shoulder.
– A man with his arm on the woman’s opposite shoulder, then momentarily her neck, then away.
– A man with his right arm over the woman’s right shoulder; she is holding his right hand with her right hand.
– A gay couple, one with a tender touch of the other man’s back as they enter the café.

This could bear more studying, perhaps.

Sunday 05 September 2010

– Paedophilia is a crime that has been at the forefront of the Portuguese collective psyche for almost ten years, since the scandal broke of public figures and celebrities abusing children and teenagers from the State-run orphanage Casa Pia. The decision in the long-running trial was handed down on Friday 03 September: prison terms for most of those accused of between six and 18 years. One of those found guilty was Carlos Cruz, a highly popular TV presenter until the scandal broke. Tied in with this story are the graffiti and posters I’ve been seeing since Day 1, put up by a father alleging that his son was abducted and sold for his organs. The posters look like the work of a disturbed person, but what if there were a grain of truth in the allegations? I’m thinking of using the posters incidentally in my short script, but there might be a feature-length story to be told around this idea.

– Another possible feature-length film, or perhaps a documentary, might be made around the ubiquitous car ushers that work from the top to the bottom of the Avenida: back stories, friendships, jealousies, fights over territory …


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